About "Vroom in the night sky"

"Vroom in the night sky" is a "Magical Bike Action Game".
The features of this game are Fantastic feeling, Speedy feeling, and Realistic feeling by HD Rumble.

Magical Girl's Work

There are various night skies in this world, and it is work of a Magical Girls to collect Stardusts there.
You become a Magical Girl "Luna", ride a Magical Bike, fly around the night sky and collect Stardusts!

Collecting Stardusts

The Magical Gate is floating in the night sky.
In order to open the gate, you need to collect the necessary number of Keystars floating in the night sky.

Amazing point in this game!

This game is not just a game that Magical Girls collect Stardusts! More fun of play exists!

Wonderful "HD Rumble"!

This game uses HD Rumble in various places.
Various vibrations such as vibration of the motorcycle engine, noise of the wind, impact at the time of collision can be felt realistically!

Magical Riding Technique!

By manipulating the motorcycle more technically, the number of Stardusts that will get increased.
Let's try various actions and challenge to collect Stardusts.

Get a new Magical Bike!

By using the collected Stardusts, you will be able to get a new Magical Bike.
If you get a powerful Magical Bike, you will be able to more easily collect Stardusts!

Rival Magical Girl!

When you are flying around the night sky, Rival Magical Girl will appear and rob Stardusts!
In such a case, let's shoot down rivals without mercy!

Be a first-rate Magical Girl!

Let's get a better motorcycle and gather more Stardusts!
Someday you will be certificated as a first-rate Magical Girl!

Product Info

Price $9.99 / €8.99 (Please check the site of Nintendo of Europe for another currency.)
Hardware Nintendo Switch™
Genre Magical Bike Action Game
Release Date Mar. 3, 2017(EU) / Apr. 5, 2017(NA)
No. of Players 1 player